Posted by: janedb | March 29, 2013

First Night in New Home

The first night in our new home Mum brought us round a dinner we could eat.  As we had only a few hours to pack and move, everything had just been piled into the home with no organisation.  We had to perch on furniture to eat the meal.  After we had eaten we finished making up the beds in what was to be my bedroom.  The boys rooms were full of furniture and other items that needed to be sorted.

We had decided that if we all slept in the same room for the first couple of nights we would get used to the new home and no one would feel frightened.  I knew I would not sleep due to the enormity of what I had done. I knew that I had done the right thing for the boys but I still felt guilt and that I was a bitch.

We then sorted the lounge so we could sit and watch DVDs on the television.  I think watching their choice of family films helped us all settle and feel safe.  We were all worried that their father would find us, but knew he wouldn’t as we had told no one he knew where we had gone.

It was after midnight when we went to bed, tired but feeling happier than we all had been for longer than I could remember. There had been none of the trepidation from the boys at 6.00 p.m. when their Dad could have arrived home from work.  Every night the atmosphere would change when he was due home.  We were all on edge and had no idea what mood he would be in or who he would single out for verbal abuse that evening.  It wasn’t until after the Social Services had visited that my eldest son found his Dad drinking in the car near our house before he came home.  Alcohol made his mood more unpredictable.  He could fly off the handle with no warning and some nights the boys slept with me as I did not trust him not to harm us in our sleep.

As we knew we had the house and a moving date, we got braver and had agreed that if their Dad had any of his poor behavior in those last few days we had agreed to phone the police and have him removed.




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