Posted by: janedb | April 8, 2013

Third Cycle of Treatment

The third cycle was started on Tuesday 18th December.  We arrived at the Day Ward for 2.00 p.m.  I took a seat on the ward as there was space and waited for a nurse to cannulate me. I was lucky as a vein was found in my hand quite easily as I had had some time between requiring treatment.

The chemo this time was a beautiful bright blue colour, it took half an hour for the bag to go in and then a flush had to go through until the liquid in the tube turned clear. It was such a bright colour everyone was commenting on it, most others were having clear liquids or blood.

I had four doses between the Tuesday and Friday.  We had to wait for Thursdays dose as pharmacy had ran out and had to get it from the supplier. By Friday I was suffering from Rigors although they were milder than previous, I was hiding from my boys in bed so I would not frighten them.

My work friends broke up for Christmas on the Friday 21st and one of them called round.  I was feeling too unwell to be seen  and I was sleeping.  My youngest son came up after she had gone to see if I was alright.  I realized he was excited by something but I had no idea what.  After about 30 minutes I managed to wake myself to come downstairs.  I was greeted at the lounge door by my son with a blind fold for me.  He showed me into the kitchen then helped me to remove the blind fold. On the table was a beautiful arrangement of flowers that did not need putting in a vase and a very large cardboard box full of presents. This had been sent to me from my work friends.  They decided I wouldn’t be able to go shopping and had made up a Christmas Hamper.

I sat at the table and watched the delight on his face as he unwrapped the gifts for me.  There was Christmas goodies galore and toiletries.  They had included Christmas Cards and money for takeaways.  It was incredible to see it all.

With the tree up and these goodies it really was feeling like Christmas.  I had wrapped the boys presents and was ready for the day in case I was taken ill.

Luckily by Christmas Eve the rigors had gone altogether and I was able to enjoy a Chinese takeaway with boys and my parents.  I stayed up with my boys and watched their choice of films with them. Although we had to be in bed before midnight otherwise Santa would not come.  We followed Santa’s journey round the world on the laptop, with my youngest looking up some of the countries he had not heard of before.

I was first up in the morning and was able to wake them up so they could have croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast before opening their presents.  They were very happy with what I had brought.

We were then picked up so we could have Christmas Dinner down at my parents house.  The boys were very relaxed and enjoyed themselves.  My eldest said it was the best Christmas he had ever had as he dad was not their to ruin the atmosphere. My parents were also seeing for themselves the difference in the boys the longer they were away from their father.

There was laughter and enjoyment through the day and a fabulous tea in the evening. Boxing Day was spent at home during the day with the boys enjoying the same breakfast as the previous day.  It gave them time to play with their new games. We then had dinner at my parents.

Unfortunately that was to be the last day at home for a while.




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